Saturday, October 31, 2009

P-clamp cyclocomputer mount

The skewed position of the computer on the Mary handlebar had me somewhat miffed, so I modified James' ingenious hack. While not as resourceful as James', I am very pleased with the result. The parts are from the local hardware store, and the steps are simple:

1. A large 1" p-clamp around the fork, along with a machine screw, washers, and nut create a threaded stud - level with the ground and 90 to the bike.
2. A nylon spacer, washer, and nylon locknut are tightened to the machine screw to create a dowel stud. (A cap nut can be used for aesthetics. Then again all stainless hardware can be used, though my local hardware only has zinc-plated p-clamps)
3. A smaller p-clamp clamps to the nylon spacer and attaches to the computer mount as in James' set up.

Smaller p-clamp can be seen here.