Sunday, May 16, 2010

Acorn Boxy Bag mini pump hack

I hacked my Acorn Boxy Bag, or more specifically the corrugated plastic stiffener I added (which was described in an earlier post here), to support my mini pump. Until now, I had kept the mini pump loose in the main section of the bag, because it's too long to fit in the front pocket where I keep all my tools and spares. Having the pump loose in the main compartment was inelegant, so I added a couple of grommeted holes to the stiffener with two loops of elastic shock cord to hold the pump above the front pocket below the flap. The pictures will explain it.

This is pretty rudimentary stuff, but I thought I would share it here because seeing it might give any readers out there some ideas for similar hacks to suit their own needs.

If I were really enterprising, I would sew something that attached the other contents of the front pocket (spare tube, VAR tire iron/bead jack, Alien multitool, peanut butter wrench, and patch kit) to the stiffener, so that I could pull out and replace the whole kit at once.