Thursday, December 31, 2009

Padlock to secure cargo bike bag

My New Cycle Truck cargo bike has a giant pizza delivery bag modified to sit on the front rack. This bag is very well suited to this purpose, and it was quite inexpensive, but I put some work into it so that it would strap securely onto the rack, and I would hate to see it stolen. I also don't want to have to remove it all the time - it's nice to be able to ride to a grocery store and leave the bag on the bike.

So to deter theft, I installed two grommets in the bag, and got a combination padlock with a fairly long shackle. To steal the bag now, A thief would have to cut out the grommets, destroy the padlock, or remove the rack. But I can still remove the bag pretty quickly.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Cycle Truck cargo bike action pics

Over the past year, I have been collecting snapshots of my New Cycle Truck cargo bike while loaded with various bulky cargos. I posted a few of these on my cargo bike webpage. See them here:
The photos are at the bottom of the page, so they might take a while to load after the other content has loaded.
A sample: